Sitemap - 2022 - Physiology Friday Newsletter

Physiology Friday #144: How to Wake Up with More Alertness: Insights from Science

Physiology Friday #143: "Stacking" Mindfulness and Exercise for Cognitive Health

Physiology Friday #142: Caffeine Elevates Fat Burning during Morning and Afternoon Exercise

Physiology Friday #141: Are the Benefits of Your Workout Specific to the Time of the Day?

Physiology Friday #140: Early Risers Burn More Fat: How Chronotype Impacts Metabolic Health

Solving the Puzzle of Acute and Chronic Pain

Physiology Friday #139: Does Swapping Meat for a Plant-based diet Improve Athletic Performance?

Physiology Friday #138: Can a "Caffeine Nap" Enhance Your Exercise Performance?

Physiology Friday #137: How Sleep Loss Affects Your Physical Performance

Physiology Friday #136: Does Time-restricted Eating Negatively Impact Bone Health?

Physiology Friday #135: Can Beetroot Juice Help Promote Recovery from Exercise?

Q&A #3: Time-restricted eating vs. calorie restriction, fueling for long runs, how to reduce resting heart rate, and more!

Physiology Friday #134: Exercise "Snacks," Muscle Protein Synthesis, and Anabolic Resistance

Physiology Friday #133: Is Fasted Exercise Better for Improving Physical Fitness and Health?

Lifestyle Strategies for Optimizing Cardiovascular Health

Physiology Friday #132: Exercise in a Pill?: Newly-identified "Workout Drug" Improves Muscle Strength and Bone Health

Weekly Q&A: Nasal breathing during exercise, CBD for sleep and recovery, optimizing exercise Rx for fitness and longevity, and more!

Exercise, Carbohydrate Metabolism, and Insulin Sensitivity

Physiology Friday #131: How Does Heat Therapy Compare to Exercise for Improving Mitochondrial Function?

Weekly Q&A: Hot-weather exercise and sleep disturbances, drinking to thirst, calculating your zone 2, and more!

Physiology Friday #130: Is CBD Effective for Muscle Recovery?

Physiology Friday #129: Do Antioxidants Interfere with the Mitochondrial Benefits of Exercise?

Using Circadian Timing to Optimize Medicine, Exercise, and Nutrition

Physiology Friday #128: Can Your "Sleep Age" Predict Your Lifespan?

Physiology Friday #127: Why an Inconsistent Bedtime May Be Harmful to Your Heart

Physiology Friday #126: Do Non-nutritive Sweeteners Negatively Affect Blood Sugar Regulation?

Physiology Friday #125: Aerobic Exercise Conditioning Enhances Adaptations to Strength Training

Physiology Friday #124: Vitamin D Supplementation Fails for Fracture Prevention

Physiology Friday #123: How Much Should You Exercise to Reduce Your Risk of Death? Probably More than You Think.

Physiology Friday #122: How to Optimize Your Ergonomics for Healthy Work, and Using Exercise Timing to Enhance Sleep Quality

Physiology Friday #121: How Heat Exposure Therapy May Lower Stress and Improve Cardiovascular Health

Physiology Friday #120: Exercise Decreases Your Risk of Death…but a Healthy Diet May Provide Additional Benefits

Physiology Friday #119: When Should You Eat to Maximize the Benefits of Time-restricted Feeding?

Periodized Nutrition: Strategies to Optimize Metabolic Adaptations to Exercise

Physiology Friday #117: "Anti-obesity" Molecule Explains Why Exercise Suppresses Hunger, and New Recommendations for Protein Intake

Physiology Friday #116: Bright light before bed disrupts metabolism + a high VO2 max protects against COVID-19

Physiology Friday #115: Post-workout Nap Enhances Learning and Memory

Don't Blame Aging for a "Slow Metabolism"

Physiology Friday #114: "Exercise Transplant" Improves Brain Health

Physiology Friday #113: Time of Day Affects Peak Athletic Performance

Physiology Friday #112: Is 'Zone 2' Training Better than High-intensity Training for Mitochondrial Health?

Physiology Friday #111: COVID-19 Causes Mitochondrial Dysfunction during Exercise

Physiology Friday #110: 7 Hours of Sleep is the "Sweet Spot" for Brain Health and Structure

Physiology Friday #109: Can Exercise Prevent the Negative Effects of Insufficient Sleep?

Why Aerobic Capacity Declines with Age, and What to do About it

Physiology Friday #108: Time-Restricted Eating is "No Better" Than Calorie Restriction for Weight Loss

Physiology Friday #107: Are Today's Youth Aerobically Unfit? + Heat Therapy for Cardiometabolic Health

The "Optimal Dose" of Alcohol for Heart Health is Probably Zero

Physiology Friday #106: Coffee, Avocados, and Heart Health

Physiology Friday #105: Restricting Sleep Causes Overeating and Weight Gain

Physiology Friday #104: Could Once-per-day Feeding Increase Your Dog's Healthy Lifespan?

Could Hypoxic Training Improve Exercise Performance? Don't Hold Your Breath

Physiology Friday #103: Permanent Daylight Saving Time is a Public Health Mistake

Body Temperature & Longevity: Could Living Cold Lead to a Longer Life?

Physiology Friday #102: Strength Training Outperforms Aerobic Exercise for Promoting Sleep

Walk More, Die Less? More Data on Daily Step Count and Mortality

Physiology Friday #101: Fasting-mimicking Diets for Cancer and Overblown Vitamin D Findings

Novel ‘Ketogenic’ Molecule Has Anti-aging Effects on Blood Vessels

'Heartbreaking' Data on Long COVID

Physiology Friday #100: Lifting Weights Protects against Brain Inflammation and Cognitive Decline

Do Fitter People Live Longer? Why VO2 Max is Important for Longevity.

What Biology Says about the Best Time of Day to Exercise

Physiology Friday #99: A Drink (or Two) before Bed May Increase Cardiovascular Risk

Physiology Friday #98: Extending Sleep May Help with Weight Loss

Physiology Friday #97: Walk More to Reduce Your Risk of Death

Sleep and CVD Part V: Mechanisms Linking Short Sleep to Cardiovascular Disease

Physiology Friday #96: Short Sleep Stresses the Heart during Exercise

Exercise More to Reduce the Risk of Death

Sleep and CVD Part IV: Sleep Deprivation and Blood Vessel Health

Too Much Sitting Hinders the Benefits of Exercise

How Inconsistent Sleep Patterns Harm the Heart

Sleep and CVD Part III: Circadian Rhythms & Cardiovascular Disease: The Role of Biological Clocks in Sleep and Health

The First “Carnivore Diet Study” is Published: What Does it Tell Us About Health on an Animal-based Diet?

Is Intermittent Fasting Effective for Weight Loss?

Children with Obesity at a Higher Risk for COVID

Could the "Spicy" Molecule Capsaicin Improve Exercise Performance?

Sleep and CVD Part II: Sex Differences in Sleep Loss and Cardiovascular Health Outcomes

Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Impact Exercise Performance?

Can You Be "Fit but Fat": What Science Says about Metabolically Healthy Obesity

Sleep & Cardiovascular Disease Part I: The Epidemiological Evidence