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Timing Exercise Right Could Improve Your Sleep

Happy Holidays from Physiology Friday!

Physiology Friday #91: Do Fitter People Drink More? + The Best Time of Day to Exercise -- According to Science

2021 Science & Chill Podcast Year in Review

Aerobic Exercise Halts Age-related Cognitive Decline

Combining 16:8 Time-restricted Eating and Strength Training Improves Cardiometabolic Health, Body Composition, and Strength

Dysregulated Sleep Worsens Blood Sugar Control

Evolution Explains Why Exercise is Essential, Especially as We Age.

Exercise with Blood Flow Restriction Boosts Endorphins and Increases Pain Tolerance

Physiology Friday #85: Results from my n=1 ketone testing experiment

Combining Bright Light and Circadian Disruption Causes Metabolic Dysregulation

Alcohol Disrupts Circadian Clocks in Skeletal Muscle 🍺🧬

Nighttime Arousals Pose a Greater Risk to Sleep-deprived Hearts

Exogenous Ketones Boost Brain Blood Flow and Cognitive Performance

Could Fasting Every-Other-Day Prevent Age-related Frailty and Cognitive Decline?

Can Post-workout Coffee Help Maximize Recovery?

Supplementing with Nitrates to Enhance HIIT Performance

Exercise before a Fast Jump-starts Ketosis

Cognitive Deficits from COVID, "4-second" Workouts, and How Childhood Stress Impacts CVD Risk.

Morning Light Boosts Mood, Post-meal Sitting Worsens Artery Stiffness, and Heat Therapy for Vascular Health.

Beer's Effect on Exercise, and Continuous vs. Intermittent Calorie Restriction for Weight Loss

Breath Training for Heart Health, Antioxidants to Benefit PTSD, and Nitrate Supplementation to Boost Endurance Performance

Metabolically Healthy Obesity Doesn't Exist: Debunking the "Fit but Fat" Hypothesis

Combining Time-Restricted Eating with Exercise Enhances Fat Loss

Vaping and Traditional Cigarettes Cause Similar Cardiovascular Dysfunction

New Blog Post: How Alcohol Affects Your Arteries

Does Endurance Exercise Interfere with Resistance-Training Induced Anabolic Signaling?

Real-world Data on Nike’s “Performance-Enhancing” Supershoes

New Podcast - Episode 30: Protein Metabolism and Muscle with Dr. David Church

Evening Exercise Benefits Metabolism More than Morning Exercise

Supplementing with Creatine Reduces the Need for Sleep

Using Heat to Enhance Endurance Performance and Strength Gains

Histamines are Critical for Exercise Training Benefits

New Blog Post! Hormesis: When Stress Boosts Health and Longevity

Should We Prioritize Strength or Aerobic Fitness for Lifespan Benefits?

Long-Distance Hike Negatively Impacts Cardiovascular Function

New Podcast Episode: Intermittent Fasting with Dr. Stephen Anton

Ketone Supplement Reduces Glucose and Enhances Vascular Function in Individuals with Obesity

Poor Sleep Could Reduce COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness

Lifestyle Habits of 90-year Olds: What We Can Learn to Live Long

Exercise, Sleep, and Sedentary Behavior: 3 Pillars of Cardiovascular Health

Using Exogenous Ketones to Enhance Recovery from Exercise

Vitamin C Protects Men, but Not Women, against the Negative Effects of Sitting on Blood Vessel Function

No Benefits of 16:8 Time-Restricted Eating for Endurance Athletes

Sleep Deprivation and Endothelial Dysfunction

Living Closer to Green Spaces Protects the Cardiovascular System from Environmental Air Pollution

LMNT Electrolyte Partnership + Free Sample Pack!

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Greater COVID Risk

COVID-19 Has Lasting Effects on Vascular Function

New Blog Post! "Can You Out Exercise Poor Sleep?"